Bio … studies and uses only natural products and totally strategies .. forms and ways in which life manifests itself. Thu … simply the initials of my name, Giovanna, where there is enclosed a miracle of information as in every person. The energetic expression formed by experience, strategies, compromises, studies, talents, strengths and abilities … not achieved in 43 years of life .. like an oak or as a simple suit … is not that simple …! Translated with google translator

Gas cylinders Rimini – The company Olivieri, founded in 1965, has specialized since birth in the commercialization of GAS cylinders. They also quickly make deliveries at home of gas cylinders in Rimini, including mounting. Deliveries of Gas cylinders are also undertaken in the Viserba area and Riccione. Translated with google translator The site that encompasses all campsites, rest areas and picnic areas of Italy with many useful tips. Around campgrounds born from the passion for camping r for campers Gianfranco and Monica. In this site you will find many useful tips on the equipment, a few quick recipe “camping”, how to make a barbecue and much more accompanied by photos. Translated with google translator

Why the Paleomeeting? The basic idea is to promulgate the “pacification” and aggregation in the world of evolutionary diets. Certainly very ambitious idea to which we firmly believe. Sometimes personal ideas start to become overwhelming to the main purpose of the methods: ie enacting proper nutrition and lifestyle and make them accessible in a clear and simple at all. Translated with google translator

Angelo 48 years, engineer, father of a beautiful daughter, a former cyclist and triathlete agonist with some good results. Since 2004 he has experimented on himself the paleo diet combined sport of endurance and followed dozens of other similar experiences of, thematic forums, other athletes and fans like him. Translated with google translator