Search Engines – About 80% of the traffic of a site comes from search engines. We provide our customers a particularly interesting service ….

The SEO activities allows easy retrieval of the site by users who seek on the engines and normally determines the increase in qualified traffic volume (users specifically interested) that a web site receives through search engines. These activities include the optimization of the structure of the site and the url (url optmization), accessibility of information on the part of users engines, spiders (robots and sitemap optimization) is the source code (code and error optimization), the depth link (link optimization), the presence of images, the web page is content.

Optimization is part of a wider activity, Web marketing (web marketing and search engine), different from the Search Engine Marketing (SEM), which instead is a specification of Web marketing branch that covers the activities of buying traffic breakthrough in the major search engines (also called Adwords marketing).

The professional specializing in optimization is the SEO (search engine optimizer, optimizer for search engines – which has the same acronym of that place). In high-rise sites, or particularly complex, SEO remains in close contact with the team, depending on items requiring treaties of specific skills that are unlikely to fall back into a single person. The optimization of a site is functional to its positioning in response pages of the motors, which in turn is functional to the visibility of the products / services sold.

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