Gianfry70WEB (valid from 01.04.2015)
Terms and conditions


This contract is not transferable and is entered into between the Greek Gianfry70WEB Gianfranco headquartered in Rivazzurra (RN), Via Pietro Giordani 2, VAT number 03225620404, hereinafter simply referred to as “Gianfry70WEB” and the subscriber user of this contract, the hereinafter referred to as “customer.”


2.1 Gianfry70WEB resells the domain registration service in accordance with the rules and procedures established by the Registration Authorities, hard disk space for the management of the World Wide Web “WWW sites” or other data accessible via the internet telecommunications network. With the signing of this contract you are required Gianfry70WEB to make available its Internet services according to the specifications given in site and updated to the latest conditions.

2.2 Upon payment, the Customer declares to know and expressly agree with these Terms Of Use, as well as for the registration of the domain name, the naming rules in force at the time of conclusion of the contract.

2.3 The customer can buy the services offered by Gianfry70WEB and possibly sell them to third parties in a completely autonomous.

2.4 Art.2.4 – The customer will decide to resell the services offered by Gianfry70WEB is considered as an independent entity from Gianfry70WEB and has no authority to act in the name and on behalf of it.


3.1 This contract has a term agreed upon during the purchase of the service and will take effect and be valid from the date of posting information online, from electronic order fulfillment and payment of the same. It shall be deemed completed and concluded in Rimini at the time of acceptance by Gianfry70WEB the request or proposal by the customer.
For the renewal of the service the customer must make a request and will call for the payment of the sum of money for the additional period of time that you need.

3.2 Gianfry70WEB send the customer a notice by email least 30 (thirty) days before the expiry of the service.


Gianfry70WEB activate the service within 48 business hours of receiving your payment. The visibility in the network varies depending on the domain extension: for international domains the propagation of DNS (Domain Name System) will take place immediately while the will take between 12 to 24 hours.


The fees for the provision of the service requested are those indicated at the time of service activation request, according to this price list within the website.


The customer has the right to terminate any contract without penalty and without giving any reason, within 30 (thirty) working days from the day of activation of the service and its communication.

6.1 The right of withdrawal is exercised by sending a written communication Gianfry70WEB, by registered mail a / r to be sent to: Gianfry70WEB of Greek Gianfranco, Via Pietro Giordani 2, 47924, Rivazzurra (RN).

6.2 The amounts already paid by the Customer to the exclusion of the cost of the domain and the VAT will be refunded within 30 days. The domain will remain owned by the client.


7.1 The Services will be available 24h / 24h, 7 days out of 7 days, and not subject to any suspension for routine maintenance or unscheduled.

7.2 Gianfry70WEB not be liable for any interruption of service caused by third parties.

7.3 No compensation may be claimed by the Customer for direct or indirect damages caused by the use or not of services.

7.4 Gianfry70WEB may interrupt the supply of the service if it detects one or more motivated reasons of safety and / or confidentiality, giving, in this case, communication to the customer.

7.5 The customer has to free technical support for the duration of the contract and is limited to Web services within its competence.

7.6 The provision of assistance may be made by e-mail and / or via the web 24/24 hours or according to the options specified in the plan chosen.

7.7 Gianfry70WEB not ‘be held responsible for failures to comply with its obligations arising from force majeure.


8.1 The customer is required to communicate any irregularities of service. Failure to report raises the Gianfry70WEB any liability.

8.2 The Customer undertakes to comply with the general rules governing domain names and Internet activities established by the respective competent bodies.

8.3 The customer retains ownership of the domain, assuming any responsibility regarding its use, exonerating Gianfry70WEB all burden of assessment and / or control and the content published online.

8.4 The Customer undertakes to hold harmless from all losses, damages, liabilities, costs, charges and expenses including any legal costs that may be suffered or incurred by Gianfry70WEB as a result of any failure to fulfill the obligations assumed by the user and guarantees with the signing of this contract or application form and in any case connected with the entering of information in the space provided by Gianfry70WEB, even in cases of damages claimed by third parties in any way.

8.5 The Client releases Gianfry70WEB from any civil and criminal liability for the illegal use of the services used by him and his clients.

8.6 It is expressly prohibited the use of hosting services:

offensive material or purposes contrary to morality and / or in favor of pedophilia;
material having purposes contrary to public order;
harmful material rights of third parties;
copyrighted material (books and / or publications or parts of them or whatever);
material held illegally (pirated software, unauthorized copies, etc.);
information or data banks in contrast to the current legislation;
sending unwanted mail / spam
(Our automatic softwar immediately will block the user account);
IRC install any other software program simultaneously used to IRC.


Gianfry70WEB is committed to ensuring that services are provided with the characteristics correspond to those given in the descriptions of the Products published on the website http //, subject to the need to undertake hardware upgrades and software based on given circumstances. In any case, Gianfry70WEB disclaims any liability to the Customer or third parties for delays or interruptions of service, pointing out that the very nature of the internet does not guarantee the accessibility of a website or the actual delivery, on schedule, of one or more messages by e-mail.

In case of interruption of service for more than 1 (one) hour due to Gianfry70WEB, you are entitled to a refund of 24 hours for each hour exceeding this limit. Example: if the server is unreachable for 2 hours, the customer will be entitled to an extension of the contract for a further 24 hours. For requests regarding this application will need to open a support ticket, taking care to list in detail the anomalies. All requests, otherwise forfeit, will still be sent to Gianfry70WEB within 1 (one) day from happening.


Neither side and ‘responsible for damage due to earthquakes, landslides, avalanches, explosions, volcanic eruptions, storms, cyclones, floods, hurricanes, war, popular uprisings, riots, strikes and any other cause unpredictable and force majeure prevents the provision of the agreed service.


11.1 Gianfry70WEB may suspend, without notice, the delivery of service should there be at least one of the following reasons:
The situation of the customer is in the state of default arising from the default of one or more installments and / or activation charges for services already invoiced and matured for more than 30 days. In this case the reactivation of the service is subject to the extinction of arrearage and to the reactivation costs;
The customer takes an active part in attempts to breach and / or damage to the software and hardware systems of Gianfry70WEB or third parties through the service provided by the same Gianfry70WEB. Gianfry70WEB reserves the possibility of extending the effects of the suspension of the service to other contractual relationships connected with this contract inseparably, properly constituted and existing with the customer, in the event that the suspension procedure has been initiated for one of above reasons (Art.11.1).

11.2 The term “suspension” or “termination” of services means the total impossibility – temporarily or permanently – to make use of services provided under this contract.
During the period of “suspension” or “termination” of the service, Gianfry70WEB not remove the digital material that may be present on the server, before 30 (thirty) days from the date of suspension and / or termination of service. No claim for damages can ever be advanced by the customer against the Gianfry70WEB following that specified in the preceding paragraphs.


12.1 Gianfry70WEB reserves the right to change at any time the conditions specified in this Agreement and the fees applicable to this contract by giving notice via e-mail. These changes will be effective immediately following the expiry of the various prepaid royalties to the same changes.

12.2 E ‘without prejudice to the Customer’s right to withdraw, by registered letter, within 15 days of notification.


13.1 Any complaints regarding any aspects of the contractual relationship and / or the provision of the service will have to be forwarded to Gianfry70WEB, by written notice to be sent by registered mail within 7 (seven) days from the occurrence of the reason.

13.2 Gianfry70WEB will review the complaint and provide a response to the customer within a further 7 (seven) days of receipt thereof. In the case of particularly complex complaints procedures which require a greater response time than the above, Gianfry70WEB inform the Customer within said maximum time on the progress of the practice.

13.3 Having fulfilled the complaints procedure, which all’art.13.1, the customer that can not be satisfied with access to alternative conciliation procedures to the ordinary jurisdiction by sending the appeal to the Chamber of Commerce of Rimini.


For all disputes relating to this Agreement, the parties acknowledge the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Rimini (RN). The Italian law is seen as the only one applicable.


15.1 Gianfry70WEB guarantees respect for human rights, fundamental freedoms and dignity of individuals, in the course of the processing of personal data, as established by Decree No. 196/2003 (Ex 675/96) and subsequent amendments.

15.2 Gianfry70WEB undertakes not to disclose the personal data processed to unauthorized persons or use them for purposes other than those strictly related to the execution of this contract, without prejudice to the legal obligations and any orders of the judicial authority or other authority authorized By law.

15.3 The person in charge of data processing is of Greek Gianfranco Gianfry70WEB.


This contract will be automatically terminated in accordance with art. 1456 of the Civil Code also for failure to fulfill one of the obligations to be borne by the customer.


This contract belongs to Gianfry70WEB and it is forbidden the use partial in any foreign relationship to it; any unauthorized use will be prosecuted according to law.


This contract will be registered only in case of use.

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